Our Mission

Paperflakes makes content more discoverable, valuable, and sharable. In short, more useful.
Our content enrichment technology, recommendation engine and the clipping tools increase reader engagement
and create business models in the digital publishing realm.

Something For Everyone

Whether you're a voracious reader, a publisher, or an app developer, Paperflakes unearths treasures in your digitalcontent that other tools simply can't reveal.


Add flaking to your apps, make them more viral and boost user engagement


Create digital magazine and newsstand apps with an elaborate featureset and track your success in selling content


Collect flakes from different sources in your paperflakes app, the place where reading becomes even more delightful and informative

Paperflakes SDK

Enrich your iOS and Android

Magazine App Services

Publish interactive digital magazines
in your own branded app

Paperflakes App

Collect and manage flakes and
discover new content

Paperflakes And You

Paperflakes is content enrichment technology. It makes valuable digital content more discoverable, accessible, sharable and collectable.

Paperflakes is a complete technology platform for digital content, including our state-of-the-art Semantic Engine, which brings a new level of intelligence and relevance to your content, to fun and useful clipping and sharing capabilities and an advanced SDK so any developer can incorporate Paperflakes functionality in their apps.

Paperflakes SDK

Everyone can Play. Paperflakes technology can be integrated on websites and in apps using our SDK

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Magazine App Services

Transform your unique digital content quickly to a digital magazine app with robust subscription options, including the unique ability to offer individual articles to your readers. The Paperflakes Publishing Tool enriches your content with intelligent deep linking and ultra-relevant recommendations.

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Paperflakes App

Using the amazing Paperflakes tools, readers can clip and save what's important to them. Share it, collect it, and never forget it! It makes digital content more personal and more useful. It makes it -yours-.

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Magazine App Services

Paperflakes’ Magazine App Service takes the hassle out of turning your magazine into an app. Our very affordable app creation service enables any publisher to provide state-of-the-art magazine apps on the iOS App Store or Android/Google Play store.

Now you can offer the very best digital reading experience combined with industry-leading features for increasing reader engagement and sales. Only Paperflakes apps make it possible to easily sell individual articles, as well as standard subscriptions and issues. And our unique entity recognition and recommendation features help you expand your reach and maintain your CPMs.

All our apps feature Paperflakes’ clipping and collecting tools, to keep your readers involved with your content and coming back for more.

There’s no need to wait to bring your magazine to the digital realm… Paperflakes Magazine App Service can make it happen now!

Paperflakes App

The extraordinary Paperflakes App is a personalized hub for your favorite digital content. It gathers and organizes all your digital magazine issues, articles and clippings in one place and makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for, exactly when you need it.

Utilizing advanced content intelligence, the Paperflakes app can also provide highly relevant recommendations for other magazines and articles that match your interests. It even lets you buy individual articles; no need to subscribe or buy a whole magazine!

The Paperflakes app is coming this Fall to the iOS App Store and Google Play store. Sign up now to get the latest information.